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My Prophecies
The messages are being released as
they become more clear & evident
My message to you
Dear Readers : I appreciate all of the comments that I have gotten about the messages, and I appreciate all of you who have shared my website to get Gods message out and spread the word of the Lord....CONTINUE HERE
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Signs in the Heavens
My Life with the Gift of Prophesies: August 25, 2018  CLICK HERE
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Stained by Innocent Blood
Mark of the Beast
The Real Presence
in the Eucharist
Modern Day Pentecost
Words of the Blessed Mother
The Confusion in the Church
Hill of Visions
& Messages
Prepare for the Tribulation
that is to Come
The Time of Grace is Over
By Our Actions
We'll Be Judged
Before Christ Returns Will
There Be Anything Left
TheType of Christian Theology
that I Absolutely Hate
You are about to enter into
an Era of Tribulation
World to Enter its Last Days
This year significant
things will happen
We have to pray for our Bishops
Era of Great Tribulation
God will get us through
the Darkness
Get Ready
Pray for Non Believers
We are in the beginning
stage of Tribulation
Mark of the Beast
Civil Unrest & Civil War
* * *
Message from  God the Father
Interior vision of Mary
Bringing People Closer to God
America is at a Crossroads
True Catholic Church Will be Very Small
Birth of the New World Order
Pray Before Tribulation Starts
Christian Persecution
will Start to Happen
My Spiritual Director
Father Gerry Died
God is on Our Side
My Letter to Mirjana a
Visionary of Medjugorje
This is just the beginning!
We're being Reprogrammed
Trumpet of Judgement
has been Blown
My 2nd Letter to Mirjana a
Visionary of Medjugorje
The Holy Spirit
Final Time for Preparation
Time is Coming When You
Can't Receive the Eucharist
My 3rd Letter to Mirjana a Visionary of Medjugorje
We are becoming like
Nazi Germany
    Please Pray for America
Offer Up My Suffering
Without Asking Why?
Revelations for Your Decernment
Famine is Coming
My Dream
Entering into the Last Days
Covid used to shut down Churches
Consecration of Russia
not Done Properly
Roe - V - Wade
No Eucharist for
Abortion Supporters
UFO's are a Deception
All is Not Lost
Realization of the Demonic
World Going into Chaos
We are Living in the End Times
My Vision for the Warning
Jesus asked we pray the Sorryful Mysteries